Curate the Perfect Shower Space with Photo-Genic Shower Panels

The possibilities are limitless with our Photo-Genic shower panel solutions. We’ve expanded our robust library of colors, textures, and patterns to include a groundbreaking development and manufacturing process that allows us to transfer virtually any image or pattern onto our shower panels. From subtle branding to bold photos, we can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience with the touch of a button. Work with our team of Photo-Genic experts to find the perfect pattern or image for your commercial bathroom renovation or development process.






A Designer’s Dream

Using a unique, patent-pending, proprietary image-embed process, MPL can help bring regular shower panels to life. This advanced manufacturing process allows us to replicate virtually any pattern and texture – from woodgrain to stone to marble and more, for a fraction of the cost. Our Photo-Genic panel system moves beyond 2-D panels to provide a truly immersive experience, replicating the texture and feel of any chosen material. Photo-Genic panels are scalable for any size project, from hotels to apartment buildings, to senior living. This beautifully textured, seamless design provides the flexibility and unlimited potential architects and designers need to create custom shower spaces for virtually any tenant.

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Gain the Competitive Edge

Bathroom spaces are a major draw for potential tenants and guests. People investing in their living space or hotel rooms are looking for clean, beautiful spaces that are both comfortable and functional. With market competition higher than ever in the hospitality, multi-family, student housing, and senior living industries, it’s important to set your space apart from the competition.

Our Photo-Genic image-embedding process can help you achieve the luxury look and feel of virtually any material while still meeting your budgetary needs. Whether looking to curate the perfect farmhouse chic look or replicate the modern, luxurious bathrooms of the world’s best hotels, work with MPL’s experienced team of bath and shower experts to create the perfect bathroom space for your next commercial renovation or development project

04-Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy Installation

Our Photo-Genic panels are just as easy to install as our proprietary three-panel tub and shower surround systems. Delivery is safe and effective, packed, and shipped to ensure each panel arrives at your site intact and on time. Work with MPL and take the hassle out of installation. Our Photo-Genic panels are easy to transport from room to room, are easy to cut, and can be installed without the use of special tools. Our cast polymer and WingIts accessories are compatible and easy to install with any variation of Photo-Genic panel, making installation for large-scale projects efficient and smooth.


MPL is the premier one-stop-shop for commercial bathroom renovation and development. We provide a number of bath and shower options to ensure our customers have access to all crucial components of the perfect bath and shower environment. Work with our team to find the best total bathroom solution for your next commercial project!

Tub & Shower Surround Systems Shower Pans Accessories

Pebble - Desert Sandstone
Pebble - Desert Sandstone
Stone and Marble - Brown Granite Speckle
Stone and Marble - Calacatta Storm Black
Stone and Marble - Calacatta Storm Black
Stone and Marble - Calacatta Storm
Stone and Marble - Calacatta Storm
Stone and Marble - Carrera Marble Mint Julep
Stone and Marble - Carrera Marble Mint Julep
Stone and Marble - Carrera Marble Moonlit Night
Stone and Marble - Carrera Marble Moonlit
Stone and Marble - Carrera Marble Smoke
Stone and Marble - Carrera Marble Smoke
Stone and Marble - Geode Blue River
Stone and Marble - Geode Jade Energy
Stone and Marble - Geode Orange Dream
Stone and Marble - Salinas Cookies and Cream
Stone and Marble - Terrazzo
Stone and Marble - Toffee
Tile - Glass Mosaic .125 Grout
Tile - Glass Mosaic .0625 Grout
Tile - Honeycomb Checker
Tile - Honeycomb
Tile - Moroccan Black on Black
Tile - Moroccan Elegant Gold
Tile - Moroccan White Retro
Tile - Moroccan
Tile - Scalloped Black White
Tile - Scalloped Green Glass
Tile - Scalloped White
Stacked Tile Black and White
Stacked Tile Forest Green
Tile - Stacked Ocean Blues
Tile - Subway Blue Marble
Tile - Subway Gray Granite
Tile - Subway Gray
Tile - Subway White
Wood - Aged Gray
Wood - Cedar with Dark Cedar Inlay
Wood - Dust Bowl
Wood - Knotty Pine
Wood - Maple
Wood - Reclaimed Barn Siding
Wood - Rustic Blue
Wood - Walnut
Wood - Whitewashed


to get the competitive edge on your next renovation or development project!