Meeting the Needs of Multi-Family Developments

At MPL, we’re working to revolutionize the tub and shower surround industry. We understand that large-scale developments and renovations require flexible and easy to install materials to keep the project moving forward. Existing tub and shower surrounds are bulky, hard to ship and move from space to space, and can break easily during transition and installation. They also require full replacement when a piece cracks or breaks. MPL shower panel systems are the perfect solution to these issues and offer the luxurious look and feel of high-end materials.

Durable Tub and Shower Surround Systems That Last

Rather than the single-piece tub and shower surround systems of the past, MPL offers a proprietary three-piece shower panel system made of our durable cast polymer material. Our specialized development and manufacturing process paired with our unique gel coating ensures all our bath and shower panels are scratch and stain-resistant, crack-resistant, and do not yellow with age. We understand that clean, modern, and luxurious bathrooms can give new and newly renovated multi-family developments the competitive edge they need to draw quality tenants.

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Worry-Free Maintenance

There are a lot of variables at play when turning over a unit for new tenants. The length of time the tenant stayed in the unit, how messy they were, and whether they did basic cleaning and upkeep can drastically increase the amount of time it takes to rehab a shower unit for a new tenant. Fiberglass can yellow, tile and grout can mold, marble can crack. There’s no telling how much time and money you’ll need to get that shower ready.

Our cast polymer shower panel systems take the hassle out of tenant turnover. 

Cast polymer is groutless, anti-porous, and scratch-resistant. Our proprietary gel coating is scientifically developed to resist stains, oils, cracking, and do not yellow with use or age. To return an MPL shower to like-new condition, it just needs a quick cleaning with a gentle cleaner and a microfiber towel. In the event your tenant managed to damage of portion of the shower, rather than replacing the whole unit, you need only replace the panel. With cast marble, there’s no need to close off a unit for days on end.


Guaranteed Luxury

Our tub and shower solutions are available in a number of colors, textures, and patterns.

Give your tenants the look and feel of luxury finishes like Italian marble or hand-cut tile while ensuring the longevity of your unit with the durability of cast polymer. Work with our team of designers to add a customized pigment to our gel coating to match any color imaginable. Give your multi-family development or renovation the competitive edge of a luxurious bathroom with your signature style.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Because our shower systems are installed using a three-panel plan, they are much more efficient to transport and can easily fit through doorways and down hallways. Our manufacturing and shipping method ensures your panels are delivered to your site intact and on time, allowing your crew to install shower spaces quickly and efficiently. Our shower panel system can be installed easily after a brief tutorial and they do not require any specialized tools or processes. We readily offer customer support to ensure your installation is worry-free.

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Work with our experts

Our team of shower and bath experts are ready to help you, every step of the way, from fulfilling existing material requests to exploring new design options. We have the experience and product knowledge you can count on to get your orders right, your materials delivered safely and on time to your site, and to cover your needs from installation guidance to adhesive selection. Our experts work with you to develop total solutions for your shower space needs.

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