Meeting the Unique Needs of

Student Housing

At MPL, we’re bringing our unmatched experience and expertise in the hospitality industry to private student housing. We understand how competitive the private student housing market can be and we know that giving student tenants the shower experience of a luxury hotel, at a great price point, is an easy way to gain a competitive edge. Our top-notch customer service, quick installation, and 100% customizable shower systems are the perfect solution for off-campus student housing developments and renovations looking to drive interest and meet capacity.




Mold, Mildew, Stain Resistant


Resilient Materials

That Look and Feel New, Year After Year

Our cast polymer shower systems are especially durable and can stand up to high-traffic use. Our proprietary gel coating is oil and stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and does not yellow with age. Best of all, our showers can be returned to like-new quality with a simple cleaning – no aggressive maintenance or replacement required between tenants. We know students can be tough on their apartments, but our shower systems can stand up to the job. Our groutless, non-porous, anti-scratch materials make tenant turnover a breeze. There’s no need to re-grout or re-paint; just use a gentle everyday cleaner and a microfiber cloth to return our shower systems to their original shine.


Completely Customizable Shower Spaces

When you work with MPL to select your commercial shower solutions, you have access to the widest variety of patterns, textures, and colors on the market.

When you work with MPL, you can customize the color of your shower panels by choosing a custom pigment to add to our gel coating. MPL also offers a number of accessories and ADA compliant amenities to add to your showers to accommodate a number of needs. From footrests to safety bars and beyond, MPL can help you provide the best shower experience for everyone.

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ADA Compliant



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Quick and Easy Installation

Our manufacturing and shipping processes ensure that your materials arrive at your site intact and on time. Better yet, our shower systems and accessories can be installed quickly and easily after a basic installation tutorial. Installers do not need to purchase special equipment to cut or install MPL shower panels, regardless of the pattern or texture. Because our tub and shower surrounds are installed in pieces, contractors can quickly move our shower systems from room to room with ease, without worrying about fitting through doorways or down hallways.


When you partner with MPL for your bath and shower solutions, you get more than materials, you get the collective experience and knowledge of our staff to help you every step of the way. From adhesive selection to installation guidance, we work with you to get the job done right. Work with our team of bath and shower experts to fulfill your existing brand standards or to explore new styles and designs. No matter the size or shape of your shower alcove, we can deliver a solution that exceeds expectations.